Laminate Flooring Cost

Laminate Flooring Cost

If you have already decided to update the look of your house with new floors, then, you will need to find a durable, economical, attractive floor covering. Laminate flooring is one of the most popular and widely used floor coverings among today’s consumers. It has gained much popularity across the world and its demand keeps on rising rapidly.

Laminate flooring is a composite synthetic flooring material, which is comprised of several layers. If you are a real fan of hardwood floors, then laminate flooring will be a perfect choice for your house. In fact, there is no solid wood used in its construction, but thanks to its unique design it gives you the look of real hardwood flooring. Due to its durability, cheaper price and ability to withstand debris and water exposure, laminate flooring stands out among other floor coverings.

Laminate Flooring Cost

When deciding to buy laminate flooring, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the cost of laminate flooring. In fact, there are various factors that can affect the average cost of laminate flooring such as the size of the area you plan to cover, the quality of laminate, the brand of laminate, the type of laminate, the thickness of laminate flooring. Now let us consider all the factors more closely.


  • The size of the area you plan to cover

The size of the room has a great impact on the cost of laminate flooring. In fact, larger areas require more laminate flooring resulting in higher material costs. On the contrary, in small areas of about 100 square foot you will spend less on laminate flooring installation than in a 300+ square foot areas.

  • The quality of laminate

The quality of laminate flooring is another important factor that affects laminate flooring cost. The higher the quality of laminate flooring, the more it will cost.

  • The brand of laminate flooring

Nowadays, there is a great variety of brands of laminate flooring and anyone can find something that will fit his/her needs. Different brands, depending on the quality, offer different prices for their laminate flooring.

  • The type of laminate flooring

The type of laminate flooring is another key factor that has a great impact on the cost of laminate flooring. In fact, laminate flooring, which can easily imitate tile, stone or wood, comes in various colors, patterns and styles. Depending on the type that you will choose, either tile or wood or stone, the cost of laminate flooring will differ. In fact, wood laminate flooring is the most common and widely used type of laminate flooring, which comes in a range of colors, sizes, and floor thicknesses. The cost for laminate wood flooring is $1.50 to $3 per square foot.


  • The thickness of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring comes in various levels of thickness, and the thicker the laminate, the more durable it is. Generally, laminate flooring ranges between 6mm to 12mm in thickness. Thus, depending on the plank thickness, the cost will vary.

In addition to all the above mentioned factors, there are also some special features that can, as well, have a great impact on the laminate flooring cost. There are some laminate floors that have scratch-resistant, water-resistant and noise-resistant features. Basically, these great features make laminate flooring stand out among other floors, and of course, increase their cost. Water-resistant and waterproof floorings are a perfect choice especially for families consisting of kids and pets prone to everyday mess.

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost

After purchasing your preferred laminate flooring, it is the right time to install it. Before starting the installation process, it is important to be aware of the cost for laminate flooring installation. Here are some important factors that can affect the cost of laminate flooring installation.

  • Labor cost

Before starting the installation process, it is important to determine who will do the installation: a professional or you. Various laminate flooring options are very DIY friendly, so you can save significantly on labor costs by installing it yourself. However, if you are not sure that you will handle the installation, you will need to turn to installers.

  • The complexity of the job

The cost for laminate flooring can also be affected by the job that needs to be done. The more complex the job, the more extra money you will need to pay. For instance, if the laminate is going around plumbing or electrical equipment, you will need to pay additional money.

  • The subfloor condition

Since laminate is attached to the subfloor, it is important to ensure that your subfloor is in a good condition. However, if your installer finds that your subfloor needs repair, you will have to pay extra money.

  • Disposal of old flooring

Laminate flooring can be easily installed over the existing floor, and this can, of course, save you time and money. However, if you want to avoid uneven flooring problems in the future, it is highly advisable to hire a carpenter to remove your old flooring.

  • Underlayment

An underlayment plays an essential role in the installation of laminate flooring, since it provides stability and protection. If your laminate flooring does not have an attached underlayment, then, you will need to consider the cost of underlayment as well.

  • The location you live in

Your location is another factor that can affect the cost of laminate flooring installation. Some installers charge a trip fee in case of driving a long way for the job.

Laminate flooring has undoubtedly become one of the greatest developments in home improvement in recent years. Due to its unique features and benefits, laminate flooring is today’s consumers’ favorite product when it comes to remodeling floors in the house.