How to Make Hardwood Floors Shiny

How to Make Hardwood Floors Shiny

Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable, and increase the value of the home. Yet a number of people are frightened of them since they have a reputation of being high maintenance. One of the greatest complaints people have is that their once shiny hardwood floor has turned dull and dingy.

There are a couple of reasons why hardwood may lose its shine. Mostly a simple fix or change in your routine will take care of the issue.

Hardwood is great and if you deal with it appropriately, it will shine for quite a long time.

Does the Floor Need to be Refinished?

The finish on shiny hardwood floor does not last forever. It is possible that your floors need to be refinished. You can extend the life of a floor making a no shoe policy, cutting pet nails, etc. But, even with these precautions, a shiny hardwood floor will eventually need to be refinished.

Wax Buildup

If you regularly use wax on your floor, it may need to be stripped off. After some time, waxing dulls the finish of your floor. You should do waxing twice a year, but many people do it more often.

The solution is to find a commercial product that can help you remove the wax buildup from your floor.

Once you do the job, stick to the two waxings a year rule.

Mopping a Dirty Floor

Another common reason for dull hardwood is mopping a dirty floor. You may not do it intentionally or believe that you’re clearing correctly, however it can be an issue.

Before you attempt to use any wet mop, the floor should be thoroughly swept or vacuumed.

Leaving dirt and particles on the floor to be mixed around with a wet mop will leave streaks, scratches, and residue on the floor. If you choose to sweep, use a dust mop rather than a broom to avoid scratching the surface.

Using the Right Product

There are a lot of hardwood cleaners. Unfortunately, not all of them are good enough. You may need to choose the suitable cleaner for the correct kind of flooring you have.

Knowing the amount of any cleaner to use is an important skill. It’s tempting to add a lot of it, thinking it will help you get that desired shine. Usually, this doesn’t work out well at all. Remember that more soap does not equal a cleaner surface.

Most people rarely use floor cleaner liberally. Instead, it is used in small amounts. This is particularly important for hardwood floors that can damage when they are too wet. Use products and water sparingly and wipe up spills right away. Protect the floors, and they will keep their beauty.

Buffing the Hardwood Floors Dry

One other thing that can restore shine to your hardwood floors is to buff them after mopping. Some swear by clean cloth diapers to buff her floors to shine. Others use microfiber cloths or flat mop heads to do the job.

Failing to buff a drying floor is begging for streaks that will keep your floor from looking shiny. Take the time to buff the floor dry and enjoy the shine.