How to Fix Squeaking Hardwood Floors

How to Fix Squeaking Hardwood Floors

How to Fix Squeaking Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the best option for a warm and inviting home. There are few other flooring materials that can last as long or look as beautiful as hardwood. Unfortunately, even the highest-quality hardwood floors can eventually reveal squeaks over time, and these sounds can be annoying for residents. There are a few ways to fix squeaky hardwood floors in your home.

Squeaking hardwood floors may have different causes, and the first step in repairing them will be identifying the specific cause. Common causes include wood shrinkage directly around the nails, loose subflooring or warped boards that rub against one another when you walk over them.

Here are some ways to reduce squeaking hardwood floors:

  • Snap-Off Screws.

Install screws that hold the boards in place so that they move around less and make less sound.

  • Adhesive Fill

If the source of the squeaking is a gap between the hardwood flooring and the joist below, a simple solution can be to fill the space with an adhesive.

  • Hiring a Professional

If you can’t identify the cause of the squeaking or effectively fix it you should turn to a flooring professional to do the job for you.