How to Clean Laminate Floors?

How to Clean Laminate Floors?

Laminate flooring can last you up to 25 years or longer, depending on the upkeep. To ensure their longevity, you can learn how to clean laminate flooring to keep them looking great for years. Fortunately, laminate floors are low maintenance and don’t require much technical cleaning. However, it’s always good to be aware of the right cleaning methods to ensure your floors look as good as new!

Here are a few tips on how to clean laminate flooring.

Read the Instructions With Your Laminate Floors

Since every manufacturer may have a different set of instructions on how to clean laminate flooring, do not forget to carefully read your instruction manual. You can log on to the company’s website to find an extensive product guide for your flooring.

Dust Mop Every Day

For daily cleaning, just use a gentle, dry mop to wipe laminate floors. Avoid use of vacuums with a beater bar and harsh cleaners that can tarnish the surface.

Use a Damp Mop Every Month

To ensure the cleanliness of your laminate floors, make sure you mop the surface with a microfiber mop every four weeks. Make sure the mop is damp, (not wet) so it does not cause any damage. Mop the floors more frequently in high-traffic areas of the house.

Don’t Let Spills Sit for Too Long

It is important to understand that laminate flooring is water resistant from top to bottom, not bottom to top. This means that if moisture seeps to the bottom wooden layer, it can cause damage. If you spill a liquid on your laminate floor, clean it right away. Failure to do so will allow the moisture to seep through the interlocks, leading to mold or mildew growth beneath the floor.

Don’t Use Abrasive Materials

Unlike hardwood floors, it is not easy to replenish laminate floors if they get dents and scratches. While laminate floors are fairly durable, they can suffer from scratches if exposed to harsh materials. Therefore, use a soft-bristle broom or dust mop to sweep these floors. Steer clear of anything with sharp or rough edges that may tarnish the surface.

Avoid Use of Oil-Based Cleaning Products

When you’re cleaning laminate floors, do not use any product that may be advised for another type of flooring, especially oil-based cleaning products like wax or polish. These solutions can leave residue on the floors and possibly damage the protective layer of laminate floors.

Use Vinegar and Water Solution Every Two Months

Over time, dust and wax can accumulate on the floor’s surface, diminishing its sheen. Instead of using harsh solutions, you can apply a DIY cleaning solution at home. Add a cup of white vinegar in one gallon of hot water. Slightly dampen the mop before applying to the laminate floor. Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that will sweep the floor clean without damaging the laminate floor.

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