Fierce Laminate Flooring


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Fierce Laminate Flooring

Fierce Laminate flooring has become an excellent alternative to hardwood. With the same appearance as natural wood at a significantly lower cost. Laminate has different layers. Bottommost layer acting as a backing to enhance the board’s ability to resist moisture. The next layer consists of the inner core, which is made from a high-density fiberboard fortified with a melamine resin to further increase durability and provide premium sound absorption. Next is a photographic film layer which contains a high-resolution image, designed to mimic the appearance of solid wood. The final layer protects the flooring. This clear protective layer creates a durability that can compete with real wood. Also, it providing resistance to wear and damage.

Carpet Market One provides laminate flooring that, aside from being extremely durable.  Also comes in many different styles, designed especially to imitate specific species of wood. In addition to recreating color and grain patterns, our laminate has a variety of textures and finishes, some of which include distressed, hand scraped, glossy and smooth-surface. In addition, we offer different options for the edges of the flooring, including beveled, wax and square. Whether the theme you are reaching for is contemporary or shabby chic, we have many different styles of laminate at your disposal.

This durable commercial grade laminate provides unmatched protection against fading, staining and wear. Our premium Fierce collection is AC4 rated and is perfect for those high traffic areas and commercial use. Each Fierce item carries a 5-year commercial warranty and a 50-year residential guarantee.

Weight 15 lbs

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