Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

No matter what floor you go with, each will need a regular flooring cleaning and maintenance. Much like hardwood, a majority of homeowners choose to clean their tile floors themselves. There are also special machines that are used for cleaning those tougher stains caught in the tile or grout.

Many professional cleaners use a large steam cleaning machine and a special mix of chemicals to restore the luster of tiles. Others use their hands to get to those tough stains.

Few homeowners choose to have their hardwood floors professionally cleaned. The basic care of hardwood includes dusting, mopping or vacuuming and many homeowners choose to do it themselves.

One of the biggest drawbacks of carpet is the challenge of cleaning some
carpet materials. Although the specific costs of carpet cleaning usually varies depending on the type of cleaning needed, the severity of the stain and the size of the carpeted area.

Keep in mind, carpet demands more cleaning than that of tile or carpet, so while the average is less, the number of cleans over the carpet’s lifetime is usually more.

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