Commercial Laminate Flooring

Commercial Laminate Flooring

There are numerous commercial laminate flooring materials that are rated for use in commercial applications. However, it is important to understand the properties and therating of a laminate material before making a final decision. Here are sometips to make the right decision.

Structure of Laminate

Quality commercial laminate flooring will consist of four layers.The majority of the material is a high-density fiberboard filler, which is often made of asignificant percentage of recycled materials. Below this is a backing, or balancing layer which will come in direct contact with the subfloor. On top of the filler middle is a decorative print layer that is the surface appearance of the floor. Above this is a heat fused laminate layer which the material takes its name from.

Laminate Durability Ratings

Laminates are rated on a scale from AC1-AC5 based on their ability to resist abrasion, impact, burns, and stains.

  • AC1Laminate: Good for bedrooms, and low traffic residential areas. They are not preferable for commercial use.
  • AC2Laminate: Suited to public residential areas such as living rooms and dining rooms. They are not preferable for commercial use.
  • AC3Laminate: Good for all residential flooring needs. Can be used in light traffic commercial settings.
  • AC4Laminate: Manufactured for light to moderate traffic commercial use.
  • AC5Laminate: Designed to handle moderate to high traffic commercial environments including department stores,offices, and shopping centers.

Commercial Laminate Maintenance Concerns

With aquality wear layer, spills, dirt, and staining agents will all rest on the surface of the material, waiting to be wiped clean. That means that regular maintenance of commercial laminate flooring just requires you to protect that wear layer by vacuuming or sweeping the surface of the floor free of dirt, and small particles on a regular basis.One of the main advantages of laminate flooring is that you do not have to worry about it yellowing if it is directly exposed to sunlight on a daily basis.

Laminate flooring can not be refinished. The invisible wear layer over the surface is the only line of defense that you have. When that becomes scratched or worndown to the point that the decorative layer can be damaged, you will have to replace the floor.That is why it is important to purchase quality commercial laminates which have a durable enough wear layer for your purposes.

Laminate Flooring Design Options

Thereare numerous options that are available when choosing commercial laminate flooring. As these materials can be printed to look like anything you will often find laminates that have the look of natural materials such as hardwoods, bamboo, etc.This makes it easy tofind a material that matches the look you are trying to evoke in your space. The natural appearance of a laminate floor can be reinforced through the use of special underlayment, which is installed beneath the laminate material in orderto reproduce the sound of hardwood floor when you walk upon it. Details like beveled edges can also add adecorative aesthetic effect.