Choosing Carpet for Stairs

Choosing Carpet for Stairs

Picking carpet for stairs can be much more difficult than picking a carpet for other parts of the home. This comes from the fact that besides choosing the carpet style and color, the carpet for stairs should have proper durability and thickness. It should also look great as it wraps around the edge of the stair.

Below are some essential components that make carpet appropriate for stairs.


Stairs are the highest-traffic area of any home. Along with this, it is significant that the carpet of the stairs should be sufficiently durable to face the traffic, and still look great.

While picking a carpet for stairs, you will need to go with the most durable one that you can afford, in the style that you want. The durability of a carpet depends upon some essential components.


Most people are sure that a thicker carpet is more durable. This is not generally the case: some of the most durable carpets have the thinnest profiles, and some of the thickest carpets are full of air.

Thickness is an essential factor in the suitability of cover for the stairs.

A cover that is too thick can be a safety hazard on the grounds, as it wraps around the edge of the stair, it acts as a ramp for your foot.

Open Stairs

In case the stairs are open on the side, then the carpet must be bent in two ways: lengthwise over the front of the stair, and widthwise over the side.

Search for a high-quality Berber with larger loops, which can cover the space between the rows when bent sideways.

Stain Resistant

In case you are picking a cover that will just cover your stairs (and not other parts and rooms of the home), stain protection is not the highest priority, as the carpet is not likely to be subjected to many spills. In any case, you should search for a cover that has great soil protection.

The oils on the bottoms of your feet can leave a residue on the carpet as you walk up and down the stairs. You can keep away from this by wearing socks or shoes in the home. In any case, if you have pets, or just like to go barefoot, ensure you get a cover that is soil protected so that it does not attract dirt particles.

Warranty Coverage

One thing that is essential to note is that many carpets don’t provide warranty coverage for stairs. If you are concerned about having the protection a warranty can offer, then make sure that the carpet you choose for your stairs does in fact cover stairs in the warranty.

The best cover for stairs is the one that meets the majority of the components detailed above: durability, proper thickness, soil protection, and warranty coverage. The carpets we advise you to choose should have the feature of excellent soil resistance and warranty coverage on stairs, and a large number of the styles suitable in terms of thickness and durability.