Why to Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Why to Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

There are a number of advantages and reasons why to install vinyl flooring in your home. Here are some of them:

Low Maintenance

Vinyl flooring in your home is simple and easy to maintain in comparison with other flooring types. You need to clean the grit and dirt from the surface to keep the flooring surface clean. After, you can use a damp mop or a vinyl floor cleaner to clean the stains from the surface. Not all the flooring types are so easy to maintain and care for as the vinyl flooring is.

Water Resistance

Vinyl is a perfect option to use as a flooring material in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, other high moisture spaces. It is highly resistant to the water penetration.

Underfoot Comfort

Vinyl flooring in your home does not get cold in the winter and is for the most part softer underneath your feet than wood or ceramic tile floors. Some vinyl floorings additionally have a padded underlayer that can make walking on these floors significantly more comfortable.


Vinyl flooring options mostly cost less compared to the other flooring types. The distinction in cost of resilient vinyl products is defined by the nature and quality of the material. There are many design alternatives for the surface.


Vinyl is a highly durable and strong material. If appropriately installed and kept, it can last up to ten to twenty years. Nonetheless, the nature and quality of the material that you buy and the way it was manufactured will decide how well your floor is preserved over time. Solid vinyl and composite vinyl tiles are homogenous, with colors permeating every layer – a component that makes them more sustainable to damages and scratches. Printed vinyl will be just as resistant as the clear wear layer that ensures the protection of the surface. Fiberglass-reinforced vinyl sheets are to a great degree resistant, while additionally being flexible and damage protected. One advantage of utilizing vinyl tiles is that you can effectively replace the individual pieces when they are damaged for some reason.

Stain Resistance

Printed vinyl tiles and sheets have a clear wear layer that functions as a surface protector, resisting the floor from stains and spills. These materials are very easy to maintain and clean. Strong and composite vinyl tiles do not have this surface resistance and will be more helpless to stains, requiring periodic stripping and cleaning.

Easy Installation

Vinyl tiles and vinyl plank flooring are comparatively simple to install, however you do need to guarantee that you have a totally dry subfloor.

Vinyl flooring is a contemporary yet classic flooring option being one of the versatile flooring alternatives available on today’s market. As far as its strength, durability, as well as with its variable design options it is a good choice for creating your home interior. Accordingly, interior designers regularly choose the vinyl flooring as a resistant and design-rich flooring option.

Vinyl is mostly adaptable, customizable and designable – giving you the flexibility you need in any interior design creation.