Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Hardwood flooring is arguably the most popular flooring choice as it instantly enhances the look of any room.  Modern homes opt for wooden flooring due to its multiple benefits. It is natural, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and you’re likely to find an option that fits your budget.

If you’re considering re-modeling your home, should you choose wooden flooring? Let’s find out.

1.    They Enhance the Look of Any Room

When you’re choosing a flooring option, aesthetics are one of the things to take into consideration. After all, you’re investing money, so the outcome should be pleasing to the eye. Hardwood floors are elegant and timeless. They can immediately elevate the appearance of any space.

2.    They are Durable

Hardwood floors are just as durable as they are stunning. Good quality hardwood floors can last for decades. Carpet flooring suffers wear and tear and may need to be replaced every five years due to stains or holes. Wooden flooring is more resilient and even starts looking better with age, that too with minimal maintenance!

3.    They are Easy to Clean

Homeowners can save themselves the time and hassle of cleaning wooden flooring. You only need to sweep, mop, or vacuum hardwood floors regularly and invest in deep cleaning just once a year. Wooden floors are more resistant to stains, and you can remove any mud traces and spills with a damp sweeping cloth. They are a low maintenance option in comparison to carpet flooring.

4.    They are Versatile

Wooden flooring is the most versatile and adjustable flooring option, among others. There is so much variety that it is likely to get a color and finish that gels with your home’s interior. Moreover, if you ever want to refurbish your room, rest assured that the neutral tones of wood will complement just about any theme and décor.

5.    They are Safe and Allergy-Free

People with allergies can opt for hardwood flooring in their rooms. Unlike carpets, wooden flooring is consistently lauded as one of the most allergy-friendly flooring options available as it does not trap dust and allergens. It is easy to remove pet hair, dust, and mold with a mop and mitigate any threat to the environment. The American Lung Association states that the installation of wooden floors in your homes can improve air quality.

6.    Easier to Revive

Floors are most susceptible to wear and tear. Like all flooring options, wooden floors could suffer scratches and dents if a sofa or table is dragged across its length. However, these minor dents can easily be fixed with a simple sand and seal, leaving the floor as good as new!

7.    They Improve the Real Estate Value of Homes

Real estate agents claim that it is easier to sell property with wooden flooring. Research shows that wooden-floored houses sell twice as faster compared to homes with other flooring options. Wooden flooring directly impacts the resale value of your home, essentially making it an investment.

Are You Looking for a Solid Hardwood Collection?

Wooden flooring is a great investment and reserves a rustic charm, significantly elevating your homes. If you are looking for wood flooring options in Los Angeles, get spoiled for choice here at Carpet Market One. We deal with high-quality wooden flooring types and designs to suit every budget and need.