7 Tips for Making Your Carpet Floors Last

7 Tips for Making Your Carpet Floors Last

Extending the life of your carpet floors not only keeps your home looking enticing, but it ultimately saves you money, like replacing carpeting is quite expensive. According to carpet suppliers, how well you maintain your flooring will aid in determining how often you will have to replace it.

Along with following any care recommendations from your local carpet company, here are some tips for maintaining its appearance:

Don’t scrimp on padding.

Padding not only makes carpet floors more comfortable to walk or sit on, but it also absorbs most of the abuse your carpet gets subjected to. Any time you replace your carpeting, you should also buy new padding; otherwise, you may void the warranty on your carpet floors. Ask for assistance from your carpet company when choosing the right type of pad for your carpet floors.

Get a quality vacuum cleaner.

Make sure your vacuum has strong enough suction to collect the little grit and debris buried deep within your carpet floors. This will help prevent it from tearing due to a worn-down backing and pile.

Protect your flooring with carpet runners.

A runner is perfect for protecting your carpeting in areas with heavy foot traffic. Runners not only add class to your home décor, but they also collect dirt as it gets tracked into your house. Your local carpet company is a great resource for finding runners to suit your home design.

Get regular professional cleanings.

Frequent visits from your local carpet cleaning professionals can also help maximize the life of your carpet floors. The pros have top-notch equipment that gets rid of all the dirt and grime missed by regular household vacuums. If you’re on a budget, contact your carpet suppliers or carpet company to see if they rent out their professional equipment.

Ban shoes.

You can help protect your carpeting by banning shoes, which contain oil and particles that can damage your flooring.

Do not allow bare feet.

Just like shoes, bare feet can damage your carpet floors over time. When in direct contact with carpeting, the natural oils on your skin actually attract dirt and cause the fabric to deteriorate more quickly. To minimize the impact on guests, keep a shoe rack and a basket of house slippers by your front door.

Clean stains immediately.

If you leave a stain unattended over time, it will grow larger and harder to remove. Make sure to get a stain removal guide from your carpet suppliers for the type of flooring you are getting. You can also consider using items such as commercial cleaning solutions for carpets (just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions), household carpet shampoos for small spots, or a professional carpet cleaner for tougher stains.

Nothing ages the inside of a home faster than a worn or dirty carpet. By using the tips listed above, you can keep your carpet floors looking clean and well-maintained. If you’re looking for high-quality carpet flooring for your home, visit www.carpetmarketone.com – a leading Flooring store in Los Angeles.